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Thinking of transitioning…

I’ve always had interest in vegetarianism and veganism.

I’ve tried the pescetarian diet for 3 -4months.

I’ve tried the vegetarian diet for 1 month during last yr’s Ramadhan if I’m not wrong.

And I love to have lunch/dinner with my girlfriends at vegan cafes/restaurants.

Now I’m in the middle of watching the documentary called, “What The Health”.

Knowing that boyfriend, a meat-lover, starts to get interested in veganism after watching That Vegan Couple’s reaction video to Shane Dawson, motivates me to be more plant-based.

Anyway, eating plant-based meals have definitely helped my asthma so… I might as well stick to it as much as I can!

And I will probably bring food from home? Or order some rice with veggies from the canteen in school next week when school starts again?

My snacks have always been vegan anyway so, no excuse to eat vegan in school, no?

But it will be difficult when I do go out with families and friends…

I’ll see if there are veg-options, and if there isn’t, I will stick to having fish or eggs. That would be my last resort.

Anyone of you a beginner in being plant-based?


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Recess Week!

It’s recess week already~ Woohoo, I can catch up on school a bit more and finish as many assignments as I can.  There will be a make-up class on Wednesday and I have to go to school earlier anyway to prepare for our microteaching next week so….

I’m so happy that I’m almost done with my part for Mathematics and Numeracy assignment. I like to get things done so that I can continue with re-writing my study notes this week!

Goals for this week:

  • Complete assignments
  • Finish up writing study notes for all


Uni Life.

How can one be so negative and prejudiced?

I’m not letting you bring me down

Go ahead and look down on us, because you wanna know why?

We are doing the things we love, supporting one another and striving forward

While you’re at the back, being a salty ass btch

I hate that I kept thinking about how horrible you actually are while I’m trying to remove the negativity away

Uni Life.




It was one nerve-wracking yet exciting experience I’ve ever had in my life.

I’ve never performed solo before and being able to perform with my seniors (one with guitar, the other with Cajon), still gives me the chills even now!

A snippet can be seen from my Instagram

I am honestly grateful for those who have supported me, giving me words of motivation… (and receiving many compliments from not only my voice and performance but also my outfit, since I used to wear plain sweaters and tee but today, I dressed up a bit, and everyone started to call me “pretty”). Just so blessed…

If you have the time, you can check the snippet from my Instagram (link above)

Uni Life.

Talent show?

The talent show was said to be held on Wednesday at 3+ but I have lesson during that time!


And I don’t know if it’s possible to perform with a phone since I have not memorised the lyrics (which I Should and I will try).

Sigh pie.

Oh anyhoo, thought of giving rock climbing a try, especially after getting to know one of my course mates in Yr 2 with amazing guns, and turns out she climbs, as well as boyfriend has been climbing at least weekly so far. His progress really inspires me. I thought to myself, I should do it! Overcome my fear and maybe who knows, it’s something I’m born to do?

Mental Health, Uni Life.

An Update About What’s Going On So Far


So since orientation, I felt like my asthma symptoms got worse, right?

Then this week, I felt so feverish, and having to practice for talent show didn’t help at all.

My body just broke down and I had to take a break from everything.

Thank God there was a public holiday on Wednesday because I was able to rest the whole day then. But before that, on Tuesday, I stayed back to practice for my talent show under the drizzle, before meeting the rest for Vocal Flash Mob practice at 6 pm. I felt feverish and had to take 2 tablets of panadol.

So, I rested on Wednesday and Thursday, then on Friday, I had to go for a make-up lecture. On that day as well, my mom flew off to Penang with my aunts.

I just broke down emotionally because I felt so lonely, and it amplified since I wasn’t feeling well. I tried so hard not to cry since last Thursday (mom was on night shift so I couldn’t see her ever since she went off to work since I went to school the next day and she had to fly off before I finished my class) but tear started to just roll out last night after I woke up from my 3-hour nap.

I’ve never felt so lonely before and maybe it’s mainly due to my health condition since I was pretty super sensitive.

I guess the past few days including today, describes that my mental health is pretty much on a downside as well besides my physical health?

I know I couldn’t update as much as before ever since I started uni but I really need to jot this down, just so that I can refer to this back for my next appointment with my psychiatrist.

I have to continue with my assignment now. I will try to blog as much as I can!



p/s: There’s supposed to be Music Club today but I took the time off so that I can rest and complete my assignments. I deserve the rest and the isolation somehow, from people since having to face people when I’m in such condition, tend to be too much for me.