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Thinking of transitioning…

I’ve always had interest in vegetarianism and veganism.

I’ve tried the pescetarian diet for 3 -4months.

I’ve tried the vegetarian diet for 1 month during last yr’s Ramadhan if I’m not wrong.

And I love to have lunch/dinner with my girlfriends at vegan cafes/restaurants.

Now I’m in the middle of watching the documentary called, “What The Health”.

Knowing that boyfriend, a meat-lover, starts to get interested in veganism after watching That Vegan Couple’s reaction video to Shane Dawson, motivates me to be more plant-based.

Anyway, eating plant-based meals have definitely helped my asthma so… I might as well stick to it as much as I can!

And I will probably bring food from home? Or order some rice with veggies from the canteen in school next week when school starts again?

My snacks have always been vegan anyway so, no excuse to eat vegan in school, no?

But it will be difficult when I do go out with families and friends…

I’ll see if there are veg-options, and if there isn’t, I will stick to having fish or eggs. That would be my last resort.

Anyone of you a beginner in being plant-based?



2 thoughts on “Thinking of transitioning…”

    1. Oh, I used to love meat and hate veggies but I guess things change when I grow up and want to be healthier (especially when my asthma symptoms get better after eating less/no meat)!
      My boyfriend who used to be so negative about veganism and pledged that he couldn’t live without chicken has started his journey especially after watching That Vegan Couple’s reaction video to Shane Dawson and the documentary, “What The Health”. I’m eating mostly plant-based and only eat meat when there’s no other choice for now. But I hope to eliminate that as much as I can. For me as long as there’s no dairy and red meat in my diet now, I’m fine.

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