Mental Health

I can’t.

I’ve been anxious this past week or so and it’s getting worse, especially when I have asthma.

I’ve been trying to cope on my own, thinking that I will feel better enough to study after my shower but nope.

I got triggered and everything just crumbled in front of my eyes.

I was holding on so hard but who knew that someone so special could have pierced you right into your heart with a rusty sword…

And trying to pull your brain out of your skull.

I don’t need any more worries.

I don’t need any more pressure.

Don’t “try and remind” me about “how I have to deal with this in the future” and “need me to do something about it”.

Why are you so rude?

Adding fuel to fire is your forte I believe?

That’s it.

My walls are built high now.

Telling you what I’ve been feeling hoping you understand and care is my biggest mistake.

Don’t. Blame. Me.


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