Journal Prompts, Mental Health

I really wish others knew this about me…


  1. I do love going out and hanging out with people but most of the time, I just prefer to stay at home and have time for myself.
    It stresses and tires me out easily when I have to get out of my bubble too often with a huge group of people. I wish people would understand when I delay our plan in going out. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go out, but only when I’m mentally prepared.
  2. I tend to forget things easily especially after taking my medication for years now, which is one of the reasons why I try to be as organised as I can, jotting down certain things, setting alarm and inserting events in my calendar not only in my planner (physical), but also my phone’s calendar app.
    However, there will be times when I can’t seem to remember things. As much as I try to remember everything that has been said, I cannot run away from the side effects of my medication that helps to stabilise my life. But I really wish people knew the effort that I have to put in.
  3. I used to be known for being “healthy and fit” until I had allergies, resulting in not being able to swim anymore, and gaining a lot of weight in return. I am trying to lose as much fat and excess weight as possible because I would love to be healthy again.
    However, if only people realised how hard it is for a bipolar person to do it. I have medications that caused me to gain weight easily; lithium and quetiapine, and as much as I want to lose weight by eating healthy, there will be times when the temptation is strong, or that I have no choice since there’s usually no food at home, and I don’t have money to get a wholesome meal. I also have to take medications for my asthma, and swimming is not even an option now, unless Singapore has buck up by having saltwater pools made public.
  4. There will be times when I get too excited and talked exceptionally loud, thinking it is my normal voice. My mom always had to shush me every now and then, and I wish people knew that sometimes, I just can’t differentiate, especially when I’m slightly (hypo)manic.
  5. Sometimes, I do share certain things with my girlfriends, but mostly, I just don’t. People always told me to “share and let it out” but when I really do, they weren’t there for me at all.
    Hence, I kept things to myself and this is where my blog comes in handy now. I have to admit, I do feel like no one cares, no one listens, because of the responses I get whenever I’m trying to “let it all out”, and I personally still feel that way.
    So far, the only physical person that I’m comfortable to share everything with is my boyfriend. Although there are times when I just don’t because I don’t see the need to. 

What do you wish others knew about you?