So far… so good?

Today’s Food Journal

  1. Hotcakes + Hashbrown
  2. Egg McMuffin w/o Cheese
  3. Salad Buffet (Rocket Salad, Spinach, Sprouts, Pickled Pineapples, Cherry Tomatoes, Raisins, Croutons + Italian Vinaigrette) + Fries with BBQ Sauce and Chilli Sauce

Although it is not a full vegan day, I’m happy that today I get to eat at least vegetarian!
At least I tried my best to get whatever I can, right?




My Daily Life., Plant-Based

Thinking of transitioning…

I’ve always had interest in vegetarianism and veganism.

I’ve tried the pescetarian diet for 3 -4months.

I’ve tried the vegetarian diet for 1 month during last yr’s Ramadhan if I’m not wrong.

And I love to have lunch/dinner with my girlfriends at vegan cafes/restaurants.

Now I’m in the middle of watching the documentary called, “What The Health”.

Knowing that boyfriend, a meat-lover, starts to get interested in veganism after watching That Vegan Couple’s reaction video to Shane Dawson, motivates me to be more plant-based.

Anyway, eating plant-based meals have definitely helped my asthma so… I might as well stick to it as much as I can!

And I will probably bring food from home? Or order some rice with veggies from the canteen in school next week when school starts again?

My snacks have always been vegan anyway so, no excuse to eat vegan in school, no?

But it will be difficult when I do go out with families and friends…

I’ll see if there are veg-options, and if there isn’t, I will stick to having fish or eggs. That would be my last resort.

Anyone of you a beginner in being plant-based?


Mental Health, Uni Life.

Recess Week!

It’s recess week already~ Woohoo, I can catch up on school a bit more and finish as many assignments as I can.  There will be a make-up class on Wednesday and I have to go to school earlier anyway to prepare for our microteaching next week so….

I’m so happy that I’m almost done with my part for Mathematics and Numeracy assignment. I like to get things done so that I can continue with re-writing my study notes this week!

Goals for this week:

  • Complete assignments
  • Finish up writing study notes for all


Uni Life.




It was one nerve-wracking yet exciting experience I’ve ever had in my life.

I’ve never performed solo before and being able to perform with my seniors (one with guitar, the other with Cajon), still gives me the chills even now!

A snippet can be seen from my Instagram

I am honestly grateful for those who have supported me, giving me words of motivation… (and receiving many compliments from not only my voice and performance but also my outfit, since I used to wear plain sweaters and tee but today, I dressed up a bit, and everyone started to call me “pretty”). Just so blessed…

If you have the time, you can check the snippet from my Instagram (link above)

My Daily Life.

Asthma symptoms getting worse?

I have a feeling that it’s mainly due to my diet since I ate a lot of instant noodles the past week along with cold drinks since orientation 3 weeks ago!

I kinda panicked when I get shortness of breath, having to use a rescue inhaler, ventolin, 2x a day!

Until I remember… MANUKA HONEY! I have more than 1kg worth of Manuka Honey in my pantry and I’ve been lazy to take it ever since my symptoms have improved.

Shouldn’t have done that!

So now, I’m going to prepare myself a pretty hot Manuka honey drink for school later, and maybe I will be bringing that from today onwards!

Uni Life.


So during the CCA Club Drive, I’ve signed up for Music Club! My heart has been yearning to join a club musically-related again. It just means that I need to update my schedule and manage my time well for my studies, although all is well so far since I’ve finished my assignment the day before yesterday!

Yesterday, it was guitar/ukulele lesson and it costs only $1 per lesson. After which, at the end of the semester, there would be a pizza party! 

I brought along my uke since I feel I need to freshen up my memory and brush up my skills. And boy, my fingertips have been sore since yesterday’s class! I feel like I will get calluses again like in the past when I used to play often. But it’s okay!

I just love how our club has people of different nationalities, coming together as one for the love of music; be it love for musical instruments, or singing, or both!

These are the photos that I got from the seniors:

This my Ukulele group!
I’m the one with the pixie cut~
This is the guitar group!


The names that attended the guitar/ukulele lesson yesterday! (They say there will be prizes to those who attended all lessons till the end of the semester!)
The president of the music club teaching how to position the fingers in playing the guitar.
Learning how to play the cajon~
The senior who teaches basic guitar skills.