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So during the CCA Club Drive, I’ve signed up for Music Club! My heart has been yearning to join a club musically-related again. It just means that I need to update my schedule and manage my time well for my studies, although all is well so far since I’ve finished my assignment the day before yesterday!

Yesterday, it was guitar/ukulele lesson and it costs only $1 per lesson. After which, at the end of the semester, there would be a pizza party! 

I brought along my uke since I feel I need to freshen up my memory and brush up my skills. And boy, my fingertips have been sore since yesterday’s class! I feel like I will get calluses again like in the past when I used to play often. But it’s okay!

I just love how our club has people of different nationalities, coming together as one for the love of music; be it love for musical instruments, or singing, or both!

These are the photos that I got from the seniors:

This my Ukulele group!
I’m the one with the pixie cut~
This is the guitar group!


The names that attended the guitar/ukulele lesson yesterday! (They say there will be prizes to those who attended all lessons till the end of the semester!)
The president of the music club teaching how to position the fingers in playing the guitar.
Learning how to play the cajon~
The senior who teaches basic guitar skills.
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After only 2 lectures, I have already asked myself, “Man, what have I been doing all these years? Heck, what have all the Singaporean students been doing all these years?”

For example, Singaporean children learn how to be “fluent” before learning how to “understand”. In Australia and some other parts of the world, children are taught the Understanding before Fluency, after which, Problem Solving will be much easier for them.
In short, we excel in Mathematics mainly due to memorisation instead of understanding the concept behind it like our friends in overseas.

And if it comes to Preschoolers, even though in Singapore, we do teach children how to solve “problems”, it is actually not enough. Australian preschoolers are already equipped into making bird/beetle houses, changing of water waves, knowing what to do and have already done picking and cleaning up litters, also not forgetting, finding ways to accommodate handicapped people.
No, I’m not kidding. They are younger than Primary 1 students but they’ve already done big things as compared to the kids here.

I told Ibu about this realisation and she said, “Because Singaporean parents are afraid to hurt their children, too afraid to expose their kids.”
When she said that, I realise that ang moh kids play with dirt and whatever to explore their little world, but Singaporean kids?

Something to ponder about eh?

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Games Day! (Yesterday~)

Oh my I was so drained out last night after I reached home that I didn’t get to update my blog about the day!

We were out in the drizzle throughout the day, I had to quickly head to the hot shower when I reached home so that I won’t get sick.
I already had a headache and my previous knee injury was in pain.

So, yesterday was AMAZING! I wasn’t looking forward to Games Day but mannn the peeps were so sporting, enthusiastic and competitive! It makes it even amazing! The team leaders played a huge role in giving us the boost of energy!

Even though I didn’t get to participate in one of the games, I am pretty proud of myself considering I wasn’t athletic (I love swimming but I stopped because of my allergy).

Overall, I love the day yesterday despite having to be wet and dirty. I’ve never felt so competitive before and it surprised myself a lot, as told by Boyfriend.

Here are the photos taken yesterday:

Team 14!
Preparing to start the Caterpillar game where we have to put balloons in between us and walk through the maze.
One of the side games (to earn points): Piggyback one of your team members!
Another one!
Another side game: Feeding each other.
**Not my team** This was one of the games that we aced by getting 7 water bombs into the bucket.
This game is pretty fun, and where I get mostly drenched since I was at the bottom, covering the holes of the pipes. So we have to fill up the pipe with water until we are able to retrieve the object that was floating inside. And yep, we won!
Side game: Take a photo around the JCU sign.
The BBQ Dinner was good. Sadly I didn’t have any appetite because of my wet socks and shoes, and probably due to lethargy.
SP52 GAMES DAY 2017!
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Yesterday’s Orientation

Yesterday’s lunch in orientation!

Yesterday was a long day in Orientation and  I had been quite nervous about it for the past few weeks and days. However, alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly. I feel like me being stressed out beforehand and reading through everything from Blackboard way before Orientation, helped me in a way yesterday.

While others were stressing out on certain things, I was quite calm while guiding the others especially in retrieving their student ID and student email.

I honestly don’t know how they can be so nonchalant about the email. Weren’t they excited to go to school? I check my email every now and then to prepare myself before school starts! And I’m really glad that I organised my schedule for this trimester. I’m not judging, I’m just wondering whether I’m the only one who is enthusiastic about studying?
I need to keep it up though, so that I can continue doing this before every trimester starts.

An organised schedule and plan will bring a peace of mind.

Anyway, I made friends quite easily yesterday! The first friend I’ve ever made was XF, and she was so funny, easy-going and really friendly. She also had the Malay accent a bit because she mixed around with a lot of Malays, along with her parents coming from Malaysia.

So it’s safe to say that we clicked.

The 2 girls that I made friends with!

However, when I get to know more of my course mates, I realised I might not be able to spend everyday with them this trimester!

I’m exempted from 3 modules, and during this trimester, I have to take 2 Year2 modules in replacement, while the others are doing the 2 modules that I was exempted.

But the good news is that, I will be seeing them for 2 days since we take the same leftover modules for this trimester.

I’m honestly a bit anxious since I’ve never seen my future classmates for the Year 2 modules… I hope they are all nice. (And thank God one of my course mates will be going to the same class as I am on Monday! I think she has 6/8 module exemptions. Pretty cool.)


My student card !

Over all, I’m pretty much ready to start school. Despite the stress over allowance and transport money (my part-time pay is for me to save for my trip to Australia for Professional Experience), I am determined to learn!

Besides wanting to have good grades (so that I am eligible to head to Australia), I also want to make new friends and gain experience during my uni years.

I am also interested in joining Music Club in my uni. I heard they do performances on charity shows and volunteer work, so I guess why not? I think that makes my resume look pretty much polished for work!

At the end of the three years, I’m looking forward to a transformation of myself as a talented educator who had conquered challenges in all aspects of her life. InsyaAllah, all will be well.



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Anxiety is real.

I just checked my email and found out that Games Day for Orientation is a looooooong day!

From 1000h till 2000h?

I feel like we can go back home at any time after 1800h since the last programme will be ‘BBQ Dinner’.

However, the main problem is… games. I am not a fan of games especially after meeting new people.

I get extreme anxious already from meeting new people, what more when playing games?

I hate the feeling of people watching me.

I hate being watched especially when I have to do something that I’m not good at.

I tend to tremble and become a klutz due to my anxiety.